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    C6 Radiculopathy – C6 patients may experience pain or weakness from the neck along the arm, including the biceps, wrists, thumb, and index finger. This intervertebral level lies at the base of the neck and is an area of significant disc degeneration in most people by the age of 30. The primary causes of cervical disc disease are weakness or tightness of the upper body muscles. I ultimately want to get back to doing MMA and grappling. A herniated disc C6- C7 is the second most common location for a cervical herniated disc to occur. Key muscles involved in C4 C5 C6 C7 cervical neck pain.
    Have found you site helpful, Started with extreme pain in my right wrist and fingers ( burning) No pain in neck or back I was recently MRI’ d and found c6/ 7 disk bulge and root nerve encroachment of c7 I started improving my posture and mild stretching exercises. Poor posture creates tightness in the neck muscles. At the same time, I want to body build and not be handicapped from doing so. Two key neck muscles that affect herniation or degeneration in C4, C5, C6, or C7, are the sternocleidomastoid and scalene muscles. This causes weakness and/ or pain in the entire upper extremity, from the front upper arm muscles ( the biceps) all the way to the index finger and thumb. This pain is called cervical radiculopathy. One of the most common locations where cervical radiculopathy occurs is near the C6 vertebra. C7 Radiculopathy – C7 radiculopathy is the most common and sufferers report pain or weakness from the neck to.
    Cervical cervical c6 c7 exercises. The most common type of cervical radiculopathy is C7. The C6- C7 spinal segment— located towards the bottom of the cervical spine— helps provide the neck with structural support, some flexibility, and does its part to protect the spinal cord. Herniation of the discs between these vertebrae may cause pain or loss of motor function in your neck as well as your upper arm and wrist. If a disc herniates in the neck or upper spine, it can cause pain to radiate down the shoulder, arm, or hand. The C6 and C7 Vertebrae Your C6 and C7 vertebrae are near the base of the neck, and nerves at these levels supply your wrist and tricep muscles. Surgery Options for a Herniated Disc - Spine- Health. I' m trying to determine which exercises I need to avoid for C5/ C6 bulging cervical disc.

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